Chapter Officers

Aubrey Thomas


My name is Aubrey Thomas and I am currently serving as President of Sigma Kappa, Kappa Xi for the 2019 year. I am extremely thankful to be holding this position and am happy to get the chance to lead my chapter. I am a junior majoring in Marketing, with plans to go to law school when I graduate. I really enjoy hanging out with friends/family, skiing, kickboxing, playing intramural sports, and listening to music in my free time. I love being a member of Sigma Kappa and am so thankful for all the opportunities and friendships it has brought me. This sisterhood is truly amazing and I do not know where I would be without it.

Bre Battaglia

VP of Standards and Values

Hey everyone! I’m Bre Battaglia and I am so happy to say that I will be serving as this year’s Vice President of Standards and Values for our amazing chapter, Kappa Xi! I am from Henderson, NV and graduated from Las Vegas Academy of the Arts as a dance major in 2017. Now I’m a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno and couldn’t be happier. I knew from the start that Sigma Kappa was the place for me, and I love it and all of my sisters more and more each day. I am so lucky to call Sigma Kappa my home and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for all of us!

Sarah Bailey

VP of Programming

Hey y’all! My name is Sarah Bailey and I am currently serving as the Vice President of Programming for the 2019 term! I am a sophomore majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Psychology here at UNR! I am so excited to be on the executive board following my junior executive position, intramural chair, last year. I am excited to be in this position, finding ways to educate and provide resources to my sisters. Sigma Kappa has brought me endless opportunities and the best of friends, and I could not imagine my life had I not joined Sigma Kappa! I cannot wait to see what this year has in store!

Maddy Lowden

VP of New Member Education

Hi I’m Maddy Lowden and I am serving as the Vice President of New Member Education for Kappa Xi this year. I am a sophomore in hopes of being accepted into the Orvis School of Nursing in the spring of 2020 and minoring in Community Health Science. This is my first year serving as an exec member of the chapter as well as taking on any sort of leadership position since I joined. Although it is my first time holding a position, I do hope it is not my last. I am so excited to teach both of our spring ‘19 as well as fall ‘19 Member classes the values and morals of what it means to be a Sigma Kappa woman. I hope to help these women grow in their philanthropic service, academic achievements, as well as encourage them to take on leadership roles in the future of their collegiate years in Sigma Kappa. I am most looking forward to bonding with these new members and help them form connections within the rest of our chapter!

Bri Beesley

VP of Membership

My name is Bri Beesley! I am so excited for the coming year and the opportunity to be able to serve as Kappa Xi’s Vice President of Membership. This organization has given me so much and I’m thankful for this chance to give back to it. I am currently a junior at the University of Nevada majoring in Journalism and minoring in Graphic Design. I can’t wait for this upcoming year and the opportunity to add to our amazing chapter.

Kate Hirsch

VP of Academic Excellence

My name is Kate Hirsch and I am honored to have been elected Kappa Xi’s newest VP of Academic Excellence. I am currently a sophomore majoring in pre-nursing with a minor in public health. I am excited to try and help our members succeed in terms of their academics; after all, that’s why people came to college right? I have always loved helping people especially with school, as I am currently a learning assistant for some biology classes at the University and love when younger members ask for my advice in picking the classes best suited for them. Joining Sigma Kappa my freshman year was one of the best decisions I could have made due to all of the amazing relationships I have built and experiences I have had. I am beyond excited to see where this year takes us!

Molly Appleby

VP of Alumnae Relations

Hello! I’m Molly and I am this years Vice President of Alumnae Relations. This is my first time holding a position and so far I am loving it! I am a Journalism major with a minor in Communications. Sigma Kappa is now such a huge part of my life and the fact that I can give a piece of myself to it means the world! I am so excited to see what this years exec can do to make Kappa Xi even stronger!

Darby Shaw

VP of Finance

Hi everyone! My name is Darby Shaw and I am currently our Vice President of Finance. I am a finance major with an emphasis on economics and am so proud to have been chosen to be Kappa Xi’s VPF! I am currently a junior and am beyond excited to serve on our executive board this year before I graduate. I can’t wait to use this position to give back to our chapter after all the amazing sisters and memories it’s given me!

Jillyan Jacobson

VP of Philanthropic Services

Hi my name is Jillyan! I’m so excited to be the Vice President of Philanthropic Service for Kappa Xi. Our philanthropies mean so much to many of our members, including myself, and I love that about our chapter. I am an Economics major here at University of Nevada Reno and I love going to school here! Something fun I do in my spare time is hot pilates at a local studio.

Regan Cunningham

VP of Communications and Operations

Hi, my name is Regan Cunningham and I am so blessed to be the VP of Communications for Kappa Xi! Not only has holding an Exec position helped me to become closer with the older members of our chapter, but it has also been an amazing opportunity to see what really goes on inside the chapter. I am a sophomore studying nursing and am also from Boise, ID. I could not imagine my life without all the amazing women I met in this chapter. I am so excited to see what this year entails for Kappa Xi and all the wonderful things we will do as a chapter!

Karlie Drew

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi everyone I'm Karlie! I’m a sophomore and journalism major. My future goal is to be a sports broadcaster on ESPN. I love pilates, laughing, and kombucha. I am from Las Vegas and love Reno. I love Sigma Kappa and have met so many amazing women and have made so many friendships! I look forward to being on Exec this year and can't wait to watch our chapter grow.

Madison Romero

Activities Chair

Hi I’m Madison Romero and I am so happy to be activities chairman for Kappa Xi. I am very passionate about balancing school and social life and I am so excited to help my sisters get more involved on campus. Sigma Kappa is one of my favorite parts about my college experience and I’m thrilled to be more involved in the chapter.

Anika Simons

Continuing Membership Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Anika Simons and I am so honored to be the Continuous Open Bidding Chairman for Sigma Kappa, Kappa Xi. I am a junior at the University of Nevada, Reno and am on track to graduate with my Bachelors degree in Public Health in the spring of 2020. Sigma Kappa is the best decision I ever made and has changed my life in many different ways. I am excited to see what our incredible chapter will accomplish this year!

Katie Stout

Historian and Triangle Correspondent

Hi my name is Katie Stout and I am a freshman. I am a born and raised Reno native and a political science major.  I am so happy to serve on Junior Exec this year as Kappa Xi’s historian/ triangle correspondent. I am so proud to be a Sigma Kappa and incredibly thankful for all of the women I have met because of our sisterhood!

Alicia Howard

Sisterhood Chair

Hello! My name is Alicia Howard and I am so excited to be serving as Kappa Xi’s sisterhood chairman for the 2018/2019 school year. This is my first time holding a position in Sigma Kappa so far, and I have loved every moment of it. Joining Sigma Kappa has been such a growing experience for me and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this great sorority!

Julia Burns

Ritual Chair

Hi! My name is Julia Burns and I am the Ritual Chairman for Sigma Kappa. I am a junior at the university of Nevada, Reno and am studying Human Development and Family Studies. Joining Sigma Kappa was the best decision I have ever made. I’ve met so many amazing women, who always encourage me to do my best. I cannot wait for what this year has in store for our chapter!

Lily Hooper

Weeks Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Lily, and I’m super happy to be serving as Kappa Xi’s weeks chair. This is my first time in a leadership position for the chapter, so I’m so excited about this opportunity. I’m a sophomore studying Communications and Business Management, and I can say with a full heart that joining Sigma Kappa is the best thing I’ve ever done. The women I’ve met, memories I’ve made, and the opportunities I’ve been given are once in a lifetime, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the whole world. I’m really looking forward to contributing something to the chapter by doing a good job in this position!

Allison Arnett

House Manager

My name is Allison Arnett and I’m the current house manager for the 2019 school year. I’m a sophomore studying community health science. Sigma kappa has allowed me to meet so many amazing women and make my lifelong best friends. I am looking forward to what Sigma Kappa has in store for me throughout my college journey.

Grace Nutter

Public Relations Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Nutter and I am super excited to be serving as Kappa Xi’s Public Relations Chairwomen this 2019 school year! I am currently a sophomore getting my Bachelors of Science in Economics and a minor in English. This is my first year serving a position for our chapter and I am very excited to see what I can do with it! Sigma Kappa has given me a chance to grow as an individual and make many friends that will last forever. I am very excited to see where this position takes me!

Maddie Mastrangioli

Social Chair

Hi,My name is Madison Mastrangioli and I’m the new social chair for Kappa Xi this year! I’m a sophomore studying journalism with hopes to go into PR or advertising. I’m super excited to be serving my second year on junior exec and I can’t wait to dive into planning some amazing events for my chapter!

Amanda Jagow


Hi my name is Amanda! I am from Sacramento, CA and am an only child. I am a sophomore majoring in management and am super excited about my future. I love Reno and the many memories I have made so far, and yet to come. Sigma Kappa has brought me so many amazing relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime! I love social media and what better way to get involved than doing what I enjoy most!

Maddy Larson

Intramural Chair

Hello! I’m Maddy Larson and I’m so excited to be serving as Intramural Chair for Kappa Xi. This is my first year in Sigma Kappa and I’m loving every moment of it. In high school, I was a tri sport athlete and once I got to college I really missed being on a team and being active. Through joining SK, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to organize sports teams and be back in that team setting. Also, I am able to bond with my sisters and other chapters through my favorite activity, sports! Sigma Kappa has already given me so much and I’m eager to contribute to this wonderful sisterhood.