Chapter Officers

Morgan Lorenz


Hi! My name is Morgan Lorenz and I feel so privileged to serve as the chapter president for Kappa Xi! I am a sophomore studying business finance and management with the goal to take over my family’s local business. I am a fourth-generation Nevadan, born and raised in Reno and I never thought that staying in my hometown for college would make me grow this much. Being a part of Sigma Kappa has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me grow into a confident, supportive, and strong individual. I hope to continue the legacy my sisters have worked hard to build and to motivate our members to be the best versions of themselves possible. Kappa Xi has some big goals for 2021 and I’m so excited to see where this year takes this chapter!

Audrey Baier

VP of Standards and Values

Hi! My name is Audrey Baier and I will be the VPSV for this year. I’m from Sacramento, California and I am a junior majoring in Neuroscience. I’ve served on both our junior executive council as Public Relations Chairman and our executive council as Vice President of Alumnae Relations. I have attended our Regional Leadership Convention, was elected to attend our National Convention last year and I will be attending Sigma Kappa’s first ever Pre-Convention Convention this summer. I have seen our chapter change in a multitude of ways during my past years in Sigma Kappa. As VPSV, I’m looking forward to bringing our chapter back to our high standards and values this upcoming year and help ensure our chapter operates smoothly.

Anna Dell

VP of Programming

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Dell and I am so excited to serve this year as Kappa Xi’s Vice President of Programming. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Nevada Reno studying pre-nursing! I am the most excited for this position because I know it is going to help me grow even more within this chapter and it is going to push me to be my best self. I cannot wait to produce amazing programming for everyone and work hard to keep it covid safe. LISK!

Mikayla Colwell

VP of New Member Education

Hi! My name is Mikayla Colwell and I’m excited to say that I am the 2021 Vice President of New Member Education! I am from the central coast of California in a small town called Paso Robles. I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno. I have fallen in love with the Reno area, especially because Sigma Kappa makes it feel like home. I am so honored to be the next VPNME and welcome an amazing new member class into Kappa Xi! I look forward to mentoring the new members and showing them all that Sigma Kappa has to offer. It has been a huge goal of mine to serve on the executive board and I’m so excited to work alongside so many inspiring women!

Alaina Gin

VP of Membership

Hello everyone! My name is Alaina Gin and I am so excited to be serving as Kappa Xi’s Vice President of Membership! I am currently a junior at UNR majoring in psychology with a minor in communications. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, but moved to Reno for college and absolutely love it! I am so lucky to be in a chapter where I am surrounded by so many amazing and inspiring women! I have met some of my best friends through Sigma Kappa, and learned so much about myself these past few years. I can’t wait to work closely with the women of Kappa Xi, and help expand our chapter in the fall! I am looking forward to strengthening my leadership skills through this position, and I can’t wait to see what this year holds!

Sophia Banbury

VP of Scholarship

My name is Sophia Banbury and I am so honored to serve on executive council as the Vice President of Academic Excellence. I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and decided to continue my education here at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am a sophomore studying to become an orthopedic surgeon one day! I am so excited for this upcoming year and being able to serve the women of Kappa Xi alongside such a strong and driven group of women. Being a part of the chapter this last year and serving on the junior executive council as Historian/Triangle Correspondent has been the highlight of my college experience. Sigma Kappa has helped me blossom into the woman I am today and I will forever be honored to call myself a Sigma Kappa.

Erica Nemetz

VP of Alumnae Relations

Hi! My name is Erica Nemetz and I am the newly elected Vice President of Alumnae Relations. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and am currently a Junior at UNR studying Kinesiology to become a Physical Therapist in the near future! I am beyond excited to serve as VPAR for the upcoming year, not only because I get to plan various events such as parent’s weekend and founders day, but because I get to experience another year full of leadership! Last year, I had the privilege to serve as the Vice President of Programming for our chapter and that experience was nothing short of amazing. It helped me grow in ways unimaginable and allowed me to become an incredible leader. Now, I am able to continue my leadership experience and build up my leadership skills even more! Sigma Kappa has brought me the most amazing opportunities and memories, and I cannot wait to continue to inspire the other members of the Kappa Xi chapter to take on these opportunities as well!

Kendra Foster

VP of Finance

My name is Kendra Foster and I am so excited to serve as the Vice President of Finance! I was born and raised in Northern California and I am currently a pre-nursing major here at UNR with hopes to become a labor and delivery nurse some day! I am so excited to serve on the executive council with amazing women by my side! I joined Sigma Kappa my sophomore year after I had transferred from a school in California and never imagined how much of an impact it would have on me! Being apart of Kappa Xi has given me newfound confidence and leadership skills that I can’t wait to use as VP of Finance for the 2021 school year!

Chloe Nichols

VP of Philanthropic Services

Hello! My name is Chloe Nichols and I am so excited to serve as Kappa Xi’s Vice President of Philanthropic Service! I am from El Dorado Hills, California and am currently a Sophomore at UNR. I am studying to become a nurse, as well as earning my minor in substance abuse and prevention through UNR’s CASAT program. I can’t wait to unite our chapter through our amazing philanthropies, while serving alongside my friends and sisters on this years executive council. Being a member of this chapter has allowed me to continue to grow in leadership, while establishing a connection to our Alzheimer’s philanthropy. Both of my great grandparents suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, so I am incredibly honored and passionate about serving as Kappa Xi’s VPPS!

Chloe Hedrick

VP of Communications

Hi! My name is Chloe Hedrick and I am so excited and honored to be serving as Vice President of Communications and Operations this year! I grew up in Folsom, CA and am currently a junior here at UNR studying Public Health. As VPCO, I am looking forward to working closely with my amazing sisters on the executive council. We will work hard to ensure our chapter is the strongest it can be, in order to best support all of our sisters!

Sam Lorah

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi! My name is Sam Lorah and I am excited and honored to be serving as Panhellenic Delegate for this chapter. I’m a junior this year at UNR and I am majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology and minoring in Communication Studies. I am originally from Temecula, California, but I have found a new home in Sigma Kappa. I’m looking forward to upholding the values of Sigma Kappa and helping to better the Panhellenic community at UNR through my position. I’m eager to get more involved in this chapter and in the Panhellenic community. By becoming Panhellenic Delegate, I can do just that. Thank you to all my sisters who showed me that I can take on this responsibility. I could not be more happy for this year and all it has in store. LISK

Casey Brichetto

Continuing Membership Chair

Hi my name is Casey Brichetto and I am super excited to be serving as the new COB chairman! I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but now reside in Reno with my family. I am currently a sophomore this year at UNR and I am studying to hopefully become a nurse in the future. I am super honored and excited for this next year and what’s to come!! This is my first year serving on junior exec so I am very grateful for this opportunity I have been given. I hope to strengthen my bond with Sigma Kappa and bring our sisterhood closer together.

Bella McHugh

Historian and Triangle Correspondent

Hi! My name is Bella McHugh and I am very excited to serve as this year’s Historian/Triangle Correspondent. I was born and raised in San Ramon, California am 20 years old. I am currently a junior here at UNR double majoring in Finance & Economics and double minoring in Accounting & Community Health Sciences. I am also preparing to take the LSAT this summer with the hopes of attending Law School after I graduate. I only recently joined Sigma Kappa but feel very thankful for these amazing women who have become my family in such a short time. LISK :)

Lexi Kaiser

Sisterhood Chair

Hi! My name is Lexi and I am the 2020-21 Sisterhood Chair. I am from Morgan Hill, CA and I am currently a Junior at UNR. I am studying Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment Services. Post graduation, I am hoping to pursue a career in Juvenile Probation to help adolescents get back on track and be a role model in their lives. I am very excited to be finishing up school within the next year and be able to serve on the junior executive board while doing so! My goal this year is to continue building this amazing sisterhood and help women make great connections within the chapter.

Samantha Ulrich

Ritual Chair

Hi! My name is Samantha Ulrich and I’m so excited to be serving as Sigma Kappa’s next Ritual Chair. I’m a Sophomore studying Human Development and Family Studies here at UNR. Being apart of this chapter has given me so much more than I ever imagined. I have met some of the most amazing women that support one other through everything. I’m looking forward to teaching the chapter all about Sigma Kappa’s ritual and engage the chapter on the importance of our ritual! I’m so excited to see what this year has in store and grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Bayla Fitzpatrick

Weeks Chair

Hi! My name is Bayla Fitzpatrick. I’m excited for the year to come and honored to serve as Weeks Chair. I cannot wait to be a bigger part of the this chapter. I am a freshman here at the University of Nevada Reno and I’m preparing to be a dentist. I’m excited to be a part of the growth and continuation of this sisterhood. Working with members of this chapter as well as other chapters to able to stay connected in any circumstances and planning chapter events is something that I look forward to doing!!

Kendall Adams

House Manager

Hi! My name is Kendall Adams and I am a freshman this year. I was born in San Francisco but have lived all around the Bay Area. Then a couple years ago I moved to Brentwood, Ca. Living in Nevada has been very different but I am really loving it so far. I am a biology major, hoping to either go the medical school route or become an environmental lawyer. I am so beyond excited to live in and be the house manager. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be on Junior Exec my freshman year. I can’t wait to get more involved. I’m so thankful that I have found so many amazing sisters and close bonds. I’m very excited for this year and what it has in store

Natalie Domenichini

Public Relations/Webmaster Chair

Hi! My name is Natalie Domenichini and I am honored to be your 2020- 2021 PR chair. I was born In Burlingame but have lived in Pleasanton, Ca most of my life. At the moment, I am a sophomore here at UNR studying Neuroscience and I hope to become a doctor one day! I am super excited for this year and to serve on junior executive council with such inspiring women. Even though I have no personal experience with PR. I have always had a passion for marketing and graphic design. My goal for this year is to bring something fresh and new to this chapter! Being apart of this chapter for the past two years has helped me grow into the individual I am today!

Sophi Le Blanc

Social Chair

Hi! This is Sophi Le Blanc and I am very happy to be your social chairwoman. I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and I’m excited to invite you to my city and grow our bond together throughout our community. I’m studying nursing at UNR, and I currently love school. I think this position is a great opportunity especially when going into this type of work force considering we need good social and communication skills. I’m thrilled to be apart of this chapter with so many amazing women, and I’m very proud to be able to share this experience with them. I’m excited and can’t wait for all the things to come!

Taylor Crofoot

Intramural/Activities Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Crofoot and I’m so excited to be the intramural/ activities chair. I have grown up in Reno my whole life while playing and competing in many sports year round. I am currently and sophomore studying business marketing with a minor in sports management. In high school, I participated in volleyball, basketball and track all four years. I am a very competitive person and hope to get as many people to participate in intramurals and activities on-campus as possible! Currently I am a student marketer for Red Bull, which allows me to be creative and engage with the community to get as many collegiate kids introduced and start loving Red Bull. Holding a position like intramural/ activities will allow me too not only be more involved but provide me with an opportunity do the things I love with the ladies of Sigma Kappa. I am excited to grow as a leader and see where this year will take us!

Karissa Leon

Points Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Karissa Leon and I am thrilled to start my position as Points Chairman on the Junior Executive Council. I am currently a freshman studying to become a nurse some day! I am looking forward to meeting more strong women in this chapter and creating life long friendships. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!