For Parents

Dear Parent:

On behalf of the national council of Sigma Kappa Sorority, it is with pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you and your daughter. We are delighted your daughter chose Sigma Kappa as her sorority.


Sigma Kappa has been providing a lifelong fraternal experience to young women like your daughter. Since November 9, 1874, Sigma Kappa has initiated more than 137,975 members while providing membership in 110 collegiate chapters and 119 alumnae chapters. Sisterhood, friendship, and personal development are the foundations of Sigma Kappa membership. Your daughter is now a part of that legacy.

During her first ten weeks in Sigma Kappa, she will participate in the Promise program, our new member education program. The program encompasses Sigma Kappa history, values and tradition, a focus on personal development, academic assistance, and leadership opportunities. Sigma Kappa is committed to providing your daughter with a balanced experience not only during her new member period, but also throughout her college career. You can assist us in this mission by encouraging and supporting her in meeting the following initiation requirements.

  • Satisfactory completion of the Promise program.
  • Attainment of the necessary academic average as established by the national organization, the college Panhellenic, college/university, and/or the local chapter.
  • Fulfillment of all financial obligations (as outlined by the college chapter).
  • Demonstration of a desire and ability to maintain and support Sigma Kappa standards

Please visit to learn more about your daughter's Sorority. From this site, you may wish to link to Shop Sigma Kappa, an online directory of licensed Sigma Kappa vendors who offer high quality merchandise featuring Sigma Kappa trademarks.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about the Sigma Kappa Foundation. Through tax-deductible donations from alumnae, collegians, parents, and other friends, the Foundation supports the Sorority's leadership education programs and philanthropic endeavors including grants for Alzheimer's Disease and gerontology studies. The Foundation is also pleased to offer over 50 scholarships for collegiate and alumnae members.

I invite you to make a donation to the Foundation in honor of your daughter's pledging, Initiation, or any other achievement. Your expression of support will make her proud and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are investing in our leaders of tomorrow.

The two opportunities for you to honor your daughter through the Foundation are by joining the 1874 Society on her behalf and/or making a donation to the Foundation. The Foundation will send your daughter notification of your gift.

It is our hope your daughter will have many rewarding experiences as a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority. We look forward to having you, as her parents, take an active role in her sorority experience.


Cheri DeJong
National President




 Our Sigma Kappa, Kappa Xi Chapter here at the University of Nevada, Reno loves to include parents in the events we hold on campus and in the community. We also have specific events for the dedicated families that have supported and guided the women of our chapter, these include Parent’s Weekend, and Mom and Dad’s Day. We love to see the families involved in sorority events through philanthropic service and behind the scenes. We can only hope that as parents you can see what our chapter has to offer for your daughter, and come to enjoy all that we do, with the sisters we’ve found in Sigma Kappa. 





This year on April 5-6th, Kappa Xi hosted a fun filled Dad's Weekend! We kicked it off by participating in some bowling at the Coconut Bowl. Each girl and their dad competed to win a prize by having the highest combined score and the winners ranked in over 400 points! Later that night we enjoyed some pizza at the local Little Waldorf Saloon. After finishing our delicious food everyone participated in a line dancing lesson where we got to see if our dads had any moves and surprisingly they weren't too bad! To end the weekend on Sunday, we met up at a local park for some breakfast food, some fun lawn games and to take memorable pictures with our dads. This weekend gave the girls a chance to hangout and have lots of fun with their fathers and show them a little taste of sorority life and all the great times we have together!  




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